Rishi Chintan (ॠषि चिंतन)

Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति)

by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (www.awgp.org)

Scientific progress of last 200 years has brought total change in the scope, form and dimensions of the modern problems swarming over humanity's present and future. Now, various cultures of the world and diverse schools of thoughts are mutually interacting and affecting each other at a frenzied-speed. In this era of globalization, thoughts do wield greater power than the biggest weapons in the arsenals of superpowers. The tide of collective-mind (जन-मानस), creates the circumstances in it's favor. Not weapons, but the force of thoughts alone can counter this tide of  collective-mind (जन-मानस). This is the age in which thoughts are at war with thoughts. Sharpness and strength of thoughts are the foundation of the real power in this 'flat-world'. Whatever school of thought will have strong sway over collective-mind (जन-मानस), that will create circumstances in its favor in the society. Only the strong and beneficent thoughts will create the circumstances in favor of humanity's bright future.


No body should doubt that, Man's falling and failing standards of thoughts (विचारणाओं का गिरता स्तर), are at the root of mankind's individual and collective afflictions. And, when we investigate their root causes, analysis would immediately expose a deep seated perversity of thinking (चिंतन में बैठीविकृति), disharmony of thoughts (विचारों की विसंगति), and abasement of outlook (दृष्टिकोण मेंगिरावट), as the primary driver  behind human afflictions.


Prime forces that clench and drive individual's life in a tight grip, include their intuitive-affirmations (आस्था),  refined-emotions (भावना), and core-convictions (मान्यता). Man's intuitive-affirmations (आस्था) are the life-force (प्राण) behind their Thoughts. And, the Thoughts alone are the most-sensitive-core (मर्मस्थल), that needs total transformation.  We  must have to bring Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति) to raise and change Man's thinking and outlook(चिंतन एवं दृष्टिकोण), so that it can create a positive experience in the external life too.


To vigorously  jolt Man's state-of-mind (मनःस्थिति) and awaken it to fix the past lapses and provoke it to courageously take control of it's destiny, would prove to be one of the greatest altruistic service one can offer to the mankind in this age and time. Dangerous consequences of straying must be drill down in Man's head, so that he is aroused to get rid of that unwished state. And, Man must be enthused to take a vigorous stand to strive for creating humanity's bright future.


Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति) in practice is all about raising higher the foundation of man's character, convictions and beliefs (आस्था), by turning it away from inferior pull. Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति) is that powerful process, which can compel a total turn around in man's deepest-core-agency (अंतःकरण), such that it would induce total change in man's activities and decision making processes. The global circumstances will change for better in proportion to this Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति), which would eventually transform whole world. The humanity is hankering for such a change and this is the clarion call of the era. This alone can ensure the bright future of the world. Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति) is the process of such extreme importance and immediate urgency that every individual must take notice, think and act now. That is what goes  into Thought-Revolution (विचार-क्रांति). Removing the root causes that created the problems in the first place, is the only real solution to fix the current problems facing the mankind.



- Translated works of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Original Source:  Compiled from multiple articles

Courtesy: Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts (www.Gayatri.info) & rishichintan.org