Rishi Chintan (ॠषि चिंतन)


Seek, search, and realize Atman : आत्मा को देखें, खोजें और समझें 


by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (www.awgp.org)


Under the spell of ego, those people who have confined themselves to bodily  pleasures, they only realize their blunders when the 'autumn of life' is staring at them and their body is about to fall off like an autumn leaf. At that moment when the curtain is coming down on their life, they definitely feel the futility(असारता), falsity(असत्यता), and fleeting nature (क्षणभंगुरता) of this world(संसार). At that moment of closure, they also sense the indestructibility (अविनश्वरता) and perpetual nature (चिरंतनता) of Atman (आत्मा). Alas ! time has passed by then. In those final moments they have got no opportunity to act and take control of their destiny. At that time, they are only left with deep remorse for their wasted life and lost opportunities. They are compelled to bid farewell to this world with a regret that they failed in their quest of Truth (सत्य), for which they were endowed with this extra-ordinary body-mind-complex. Also, they regret to have frittered away this priceless life in petty pursuits. Even Devatas long for such a privilege like that of a human life (सुरदुर्लभ). Many people are left wondering that they had spent the life doing all that wasn't necessary and they didn't do anything that was worthwhile i.e. their real duty. At those last moments, can anyone imagine the situation of such folks, who have neglected their Atman? Only those who have gone through this ordeal can tell about the fire of regret and duress with which their heart is burning. Or those who are eventually going to fall in this trap will tell the tale of their heart's agony.


People could make life so much wonderful if they engage with the world just  for what is the real call of duty(सांसारिक-कर्तव्य). And then, they utilize their entire remaining time on the path of spirituality(अध्यात्म-मार्ग),  which is a journey seeking and searching the Atman. Such a life-strategy will be fulfilling for this worldly-life and also rewarding for the after-life (लोक-परलोक). People should face absolutely no hardship in balancing this bi-dimensional quest(साधना). Those who seek Atman while remaining engaged in this world(संसार में रमते हुए) don't wander in the its dark alleys. Their strong desire to know Atman acts like a brilliant light (प्रकाश) to illuminate their path and life.


-- Akhand Jyoti, April'1968 pp.5


Courtesy:  Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts (www.Gayatri.info)