People who followed the earlier discussion would remember that Advaita theorizes that we all are Brahman and it's Brahman what exists.  The question does come regarding the relationship of Brahman to the manifested universe. This relationship is prema.  One has to be careful about the translation of this word. Creating the universe was the only desire that Brahman ever had and that desire of creation manifested as prema.


So prema becomes the nature of the universe, the attribute of creation and life. After life takes shape we get mana, buddhi, ahamkAra and chitta. When we control these, we experience prema, love.So the statement God is love.  We exist because we love our life.  But this love in us is actually infinite in extent like Brahman is.  So we say it increases by "giving."  But we don't give anything, we have to become what we are designed to be, and not covered with other attributes that we have acquired.  Here comes the Gita and Sri Krishna to help us discover our "self". This "self" is love, it's non-dual.


With Sai Baba's blessings, we are lucky that we are engaging ourselves in these discussions and we are blessed to have a little extra time to reflect.  If you feel the inner joy in your daily life, you see the play of prema everywhere.  Love is in the heart and not in the brain. Love manifests in our every day conduct as shraddhA.


Some of the above may be new to some of you, but you need not bother.  Do anything skillfully, you would reach there, yoga karmasu kaushalam, you would feel the elegance of the universe is love, that is Brahman.


In case you are curious and have time, you should read some of the upanisads which are just beautifully composed. If you must confine yourself only to commentary and not have the opportunity to read the original, only read Shankara's commentary. Realized people in the world are few, not many write.  Shankara is a major exception.  From the upanisads you come to the Gita, again travel with Shankara if you don't handle the text.


If Shankara is not your style, then read Kabir and Tulasidas. When you read them don't skip a word.  Go slow, read every line twice.  They are the only ones who write from realization.  Lately we have Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharsiand Sai Baba who also teach similar material but have not written as prolific as Shankara, Kabir and Tulasidas. These were my Valentine's Day thoughts yesterday.


Thank you for letting me summarize.