In the ultimate analysis it is the effusion of values, in the stream of life that shapes our Destiny. Hence, if we foster the right values, the result is bound to be a positive environment at the physical, mental and intellectual level. This is because of grouping tendency of the like-minded people, the aspect which is evident among all living beings. A positive environment has the power to make life a meditative and spiritual journey even while going on the path of worldly affairs.

       Now, the question arises as to how and where we acquire the right and good values from. We can, easily, observe that each individual human being is born with a typical embodiment of evolutionary material which acts as a guide and force in acquiring the right values and shaping our Destiny. We may call this latent aspect as Intrinsic Power. In addition to that it is the environment comprising the family, education, surroundings and opportunities during the growing period that chart our course towards becoming successful human beings. The right or good values become a part and parcel of the journey to success. At any given point of time, it is the Intrinsic Power, already instilled in us, that recognizes and grabs the opportunities, fights the challenges as well as threats and, finally, drives us to emerge successful. The flow chart of shaping of our Destiny may be depicted as the one shown hereunder:

Thoughts ——> Actions ——> Repeated Actions ——> Habits ——> Nature ——> Values ——> Destiny

       Thus, it is evident from the above flow chart that if we wish to take charge of our Destiny, it is possible to manoeuvre the process by conscientiously observing our thought patterns, carrying out the necessary corrections and, simultaneously, throwing out the negative & weak linkages. By doing this exercise from moment to moment, conscience-keeping guards get installed in the subconscious mind that guide us to the righteous actions and change the Habits, Nature and Values. In other words, it is the righteous and mindful living which engenders positive and right values in us. Thereupon, a peaceful and happy life, the much-desired pinnacle of “Karmic” journey, which all human beings wish to achieve throughout their lives will, automatically, follow. We should do whatever we can to lead our lives towards such a Destiny. Let us remember that tenacious seekers always get blessed, sooner or later.

Now, let us shake off the inertia and get “On- the- go”!!