Dear Friends, if we sit and think, sincerely, we find that most of the time our mind is either rummaging the past or escaping to future for glory. We, hardly, focus on the “Now Moment” and seek out its potential to shape our future.


We are enslaved by psychological time. Yes, indeed time is a psychological phenomenon which we have adopted to suit our convenience to make a glorious package of our journey of life in the physical world. We keep cribbing about our past and pin all our hopes on future. We, hardly, think of the real time Karmic journey which is an extension of the past and holds infinite possibilities for future.


In the heart of our hearts, we all realise that all we want in our life is peace & happiness. But are our thoughts and actions in consonance with this goal? May be, not! They are conditioned by the phenomenal and physical world and we may keep chasing a mirage of peace & happiness day in and day out, forgetting most of the time that the wonderful “Now moment” also has numerous esoteric possibilities which can lead our actions to the ultimate contentment. If we realise and harness the potentialities of the “Now Moment”, there is no reason why peace and happiness should elude us.


All we need is awareness about the possibilities that could be lying dormant under the cover of our deluded lifestyle and unnecessary worldly entanglements. In furtherance towards our aforesaid goal, we have to exercise our will and determination to detach ourselves from the baggage of the past and the mirage of future. Let us, just focus on the “Now Moment” and adopt justifiable means to the end we have envisaged, i.e., PEACE & HAPPINESS with or without material gains, as Providence may grant.