Dear Sai Devotees,


Dwarkamai has been a second home to lot of us (in many cases even the first home with Sai). It has been a sanctuary for peace, guidance, spirituality and community building over the years and has become an integral part of our lives.

We have sustained so far on the kindness and charitable donations of the devotees, which enabled the Sai temple to provide enriched devotional, educational and health services to the community.

However, since the COVID outbreak, we have seen significant reduction in donation collections which is the primary source of funds to meet temple‚Äôs operational obligations / expenses. In these challenging times, we seek your financial assistance / donations to continue the temple operations for the community.We request you to consider donating a minimum of $2,000 as an annual donation. 

Our goal is to reach out  to at least 100 donors hoping to generate $200,000 yearly which will help meet about 80% of the annual operational expenses.

Let us jointly continue to build the community and preserve our local heritage in Dwarkamai.

 Dwarkamai fundraising


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